Splendor Metallic Velvet Designer Drapery Panels.Made in Canada.

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Starbursts, Chrysanthemums, or Fireworks can be used to describe pattern Splendor. This large-scale design is a uniquely woven jacquard velvet that plays off intricate weaves, clean cotton yarns, and contrasting polyester metallics. The overall effect is quite dramatic and full of depth and visual interest.

Price is per one cotton lined single width drapery panels.

This gorgeous and luxurious fabric offers rich color, natural texture and superb longevity.

Like any Luxury Item, with care our drapery panels will reward you with years of the most luxurious appeal and lasting beauty.

Fabric: 100% Polyester

The finished width of a pleated panel (2x times fabric fullness) is 27". The finished width of a Flat panel is 52".

Choose your length, color and pleat option!

Custom width and length requests are welcome, please send us a message to orders@hfdraperystudio.com

All Drapery Orders are handmade in Canada with highest attention to quality and details