New Child Lift System Installation and Operating Instructions

All products, operating, or lift systems must comply with following the warning stated below. Chain cover/shroud must be used for all applications. A product cannot be considered properly/safely installed unless this installation/operating rule is strictly followed. Please follow the instructions for both “Inside” and “Outside” mounted products. Optional mounting screws can be used to secure the cover/shroud to the window, wall or opening. Extension brackets are suggested for outside mounted products.

Safeguard Plus Front & Back

1: Screw must be inserted into “safety tension lock” for product to operate.

2: Line on “safety tension lock” indicates correct position for screw to be inserted.

3: Inside mount extension bracket is recommended to push controls forward to prevent fabric rubbing/fraying.

4: Chain cover/shroud is kept closed by gravity.

5: Push cover/shroud up to access control chain and operate product.

6: Optional mounting screw can be used to secure cover/shroud to the opening.

7: For outside mount, an extension bracket can be used to secure cover/shroud to the opening.