Measuring for Drapery


Measure the width of the area you would like to cover. This is your ordering width (fullness is already accounted for). If your drapery needs to be functional (open and close), the total coverage width should equal the same span, left to right, that your hardware does. 

We recommend whenever possible to extend out from the edges of your window or doors as much as 6" - 12" on each side. This will help make the area look larger, and will also maintain as much natural light as possible when the Drapery panels are open. If ordering stationary Drapery panels that don’t need to close you can consider ordering drapery with less coverage while still getting a finished look.


Take the measurement from the top of where you will mount the hardware to the floor (for wall mount) or from ceiling to floor (for ceiling mount). • Add for a break/puddle or subtract for a slight floor clearance. We recommend a small break (¼" - ¾") or puddle (1" - 4") for uneven floors and/or natural materials that stretch (like wool or linen), or a ½" floor clearance for draperies being opened and closed frequently.